Release.Me – Most Innovative Proptech of the Year

Release.Me: Awarded Most Innovative ‘Proptech of the Year’ – Design, Build, Develop Start-Up.

Release.Me, a first of it’s kind PropTech platform changing the face of off the plan sales, is proud to announce that it has been awarded ‘Proptech of the Year’ at the Proptech Association Australia, Protech Awards 2023 for a start-up in the Design, Build and Development category.

The award celebrates Release.Me’s commitment to transforming the ethos of off the plan sales, providing the commercial benefits of streamlining the sale of off the plan real estate in a fair and equitable way that aligns with a progressive developers ESG principles.

You can find the full list of award recipients here.

Over 350 people attended the sold-out event at The Fullerton Hotel, Sydney to congratulate the winners of 24 category trophies, 5 best of the best awards, 2 open awards and the prestigious Proptech Leader of the Year accolade. 

“The Proptech Awards are Australian proptech’s night of nights,” said Kylie Davis, Founder & President of Proptech Association Australia, who co-hosted the event with Peter Schravemade, Managing Partner of REACH Australia.

The Release.Me platform provides property developers a digital solution to manage off the plan sales that prioritises fairness and equity for buyers,  doing away with the first-in, first-served model of releases, Release.Me provides a superior experience for buyers and cuts the cost associated with a release for developers. ,

Leveraging technology and a data-driven approach, Release.Me has become a catalyst in reshaping the traditional off the plan sales model. The platform empowers developers to embrace a transparent and socially responsible approach to property sales that is inclusive and doesn’t’ disadvantage buyers whose circumstances don’t permit them to queue in person or sit by a computer like buying tickets to Taylor Swift concert. ultimately having a positive impact on buyer trust and developer reputation.

Taking home the award is a testament to the positive results our clients have seen using Release.Me,” says Amber Keogh, National Partnerships Manager.

“Often, companies see a commitment to customer experience and social metrics as being at the expense of commercial and operational performance, however with Release.Me, they can achieve both objectives.”

Release.Me works by completely automating the release workload for the property developer, from the time the release goes live until contract signing, Release.Me handles it all, enabling a range of benefits for property developers.

Unlike traditional models, the platform is designed so that every interested buyer can participate in a release (from any device or location) over an extended release period and have an equal chance to secure their preferred property. Buyers provide multiple preferences, meaning developers have a much greater chance of selling stock, as their reach is expanded, and no buyer is excluded. Developers can also use the in depth preference data to inform future product mix and pricing for maximum return.

Released stock doesn’t always sell out on the day – especially lately. Release.Me helps property developers clear residual stock with its e-commerce tool – Buy Now. The Buy Now too generates passive sales and creates a sense of urgency where any available stock can be purchased by a buyer anywhere in the world at any time.

While real estate sales have been subdued over the past 12 months, the pent-up demand is palpable. When confidence returns to the market, buyers are going to come back hard and fast. Smart developers are using this calm before the storm to ensure that they have the systems and technology in place to capitalise on the surge in demand that is coming. Using the Release.Me platform will ensure that developers can meet this demand and provide the best customer experience possible while adhering to their ESG principles of inclusiveness and equity.

Looking ahead, Release.Me remains committed to increasing the platform’s capabilities while maintaining it’s mission to make sure that fairness and commerciality coexist harmoniously for it’s users. As the platform is expanding it’s footprint in Victoria and New South Wales, growth areas such as SEQ and global markets are next on the cards.

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The fairest way to release real estate to the market. The Release.Me platform sits between buyers and sellers of off the plan real estate to improve the process for both sides of the transaction. Find out more or book a demo here 

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