Release.Me Algorithm Explained

Release.Me has been designed and built to be ultimately as fair as possible. Every buyer who participates in a release via Release.Me has the same opportunity to secure their property.

The Release.Me process is not first come first served. The Release.Me algorithm allocates products based on preferences. If there are multiple applications with the same preference, the algorithm will assign the allocation randomly. A second round allocation ensures that any rejected allocations or incomplete allocations are randomly allocated by preference to buyers who missed out in a first round.

As the allocation of properties is outside of the sellers control – the seller cannot be accused of playing favourites or accepting any inducements to preference one buyer over another.

The number of preferences you submit does not affect the probability of you securing a property.

Unfortunately, there are times when demand outweighs supply – not everyone could be allocated their preference. If you are unsuccessful in receiving a property allocation – Release.Me will contact you at the end of the release cycle to let you know if any properties are still available on the market. 

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