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Release.Me was created because we believe that buying a home shouldn’t be like buying tickets to a Rolling Stones concert.

The real estate industry has struggled to find a fair and equitable way to release off the plan real estate to the market.

Before the invention of Release.Me most property releases were first come first served, either via email registration, physical queue or other means. This process disadvantages or excludes those who are unable to attend at the time of the release. In times of high demand, it is not uncommon for buyers to queue in person for days before a release and online registrations are often oversubscribed in minutes after opening. When you consider that many buyers are looking for products in multiple developments and may have to apply for many releases before they are successful in securing what they want, the current process is not just unfair it is incredibly stressful for buyers who are often making the biggest financial decision of their life.

Release.Me is fair. Every buyer who participates in a release via Release.Me has the same opportunity to secure a property.

The Release.Me process is not first come first served. The Release.Me algorithm allocates products based on preferences. If there are multiple applications with the same preference the algorithm will assign the allocation randomly. This process is closed to the seller so buyers can be confident that the sellers are not playing favourites or accepting any inducements to preference one buyer over another.

Release.me was created to help Buyers, but we have designed the platform to streamline and simplify the release process for Developers and Agents saving them time and money. Release.Me handles the increased work load usually associated with a release. From the time the release goes live until contract appointments there is no direct involvement by the sales consultant. Property allocation is handled, contract preparation is handled, deposits are collected and contract appointment bookings are all handled by Release.Me. This significantly reduces the workload for the project sales consultant and eliminates the need for temp support or a full time sales associate.

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